Take a Load Off and Relax at a Spa

Looking for a good spa experience? After you’ve enjoyed the beautiful wine experience, a nice massage or cleansing facial might be in order. The spas in Napa are renowned for providing their customers with high quality visits and memorable moments. Take the time to relax at one of these locations.

When you first visit a spa, you should note the actual appearance of the place. You’re looking for a relaxing experience. If something is beautiful, it’s much easier to be at ease. It should also smell nice and have smooth music playing. The furniture should be comfortable and clean. Appealing to all of your senses will lead to a much more pleasing time.

The concierge or therapist should escort you to the locker room so you can get changed. They will show you all the materials provided: robes, blankets, towels, etcetera. You should never be given directions down a hallway. Being accompanied to each destination is supposed to instill a feeling of calm and the knowledge that this time is all about you.

The therapist should always be on time, clean, and courteous. They will ask you questions about your goals for the session and if there is anything in particular on which you wish to focus. This should instill a connection between the two of you and forges a bond of trust. Your therapist is there to make your wants come to life.

You should never be left alone, except when you are changing. The therapist will always maintain some sort of therapeutic contact with you, even during facials. Whether that be through a foot or scalp massage. This is just another way in which they can ensure your needs are being catered to, but it also ensures your safety. There will always be someone there to talk to.